Wedding Reception: Everything You Need to Know


After the wedding ceremony has concluded, it is time to enjoy the wedding reception. This period of time will allow the bride and groom to socialize and bond with their new friends and family members. Suffice to say, it is vital to put a great amount of effort into the planning process of the reception! Of course, the planning process can be a ton of fun, as long as you approach it in the right manner! Within this guide, you will learn exactly how to plan your reception so nothing is left out!

The Date

Before you can actually get into all of the fine details regarding the reception, it is essential to take the time to set the wedding date. Remember that the reception is going to held right after the wedding, so you can do nothing, until the date is set in stone! This will actually be a task in itself, since you’ll need to confirm the availability and ensure that your partner is fine with the date, as well. Otherwise, it is time to roll on to the next step!

Make a Budget

Next, you’ll need to begin formulating a budget for the reception. Sure, the wedding is going to be expensive alone! Therefore, you’ll need to be careful not to overspend on the reception. Make sure you know exactly how many individuals will be attending, as this will make the budgeting a little bit easier. Once you’ve gotten a number, you’ll be able to figure out the amount of food, chairs and tables needed. All of this will help you put a figure on the overall price. After you’ve got your figure, you’ll need to stick to it closely!

In or Out

After you’ve gotten the annoying figures out of the way, you’ll be able to start on the fun aspects of the wedding reception. Would you like to host the event outside? Or, would it be better to keep everyone indoors. There are truthfully numerous factors that will play a role in this decision. For instance, you’ll need to make sure to account for the weather! Also remember that an outdoor reception will typically cost you significantly less. This can be wonderful for those that are working on a smaller budget! Either way, always follow your instincts and you will not be able to fail!

Choosing a Type

Finally, you’ll want to begin looking at the different types of wedding receptions. Truthfully, there are many different ones to choose from and they come with a variety of different formality levels. Some couples will want to stick with a traditional sit-down reception, while others will prefer something that is much more casual. Below, you will find a breakdown of some of the different types of wedding receptions.

• Sit-Down – The sit-down reception is typically the most traditional and is best for classic weddings. Be careful, because this can be the one of most expensive options.
• Cocktail – This is a much more modern and casual reception, which is enjoyed by many. It’ll also cost significantly less than the more traditional receptions. In fact, it might feel disorganized, but this is all in the fun!
• Picnic – For outdoor weddings, it is vital to have an outdoor reception. What could be better than having a picnic with all of your friends and family members? Risking the rain is always enough to make you worry, but the picnic option is relatively inexpensive and everyone will love it!
• Simple – Some couples aren’t interested in a massive celebration and there is certainly nothing wrong with that! In this case, it is best just to just cut the cake and toss a small party. Remember that it is your wedding and nothing else matters, aside from your own happiness!

Each of the reception types above is excellent, but you’ll need to choose one using your own personal preferences!

Announcing your Arrival

If you want to be truly celebrated, when you enter the reception, you will want to think about being announced. This is fairly basic, but it can mean a lot to the bride and groom! The DJ will announce your name, as soon as you enter the reception and everyone will turn around and stare! This small gesture can be significant and will definitely make you feel wonderful. Of course, some might not want all of the glamorous attention.

The Toasts and Speeches

There are two things that are always special and heartfelt, during the wedding reception. The toast and speeches are undoubtedly amazing! Your guests will want to toast to your wedding and some of them will want to deliver speeches and tell everyone how amazing or cheesy you are! This is great and you should allow them to do it! However, it is also vital to put restrictions on it! Make sure that all toasters agree to keep everything short and to the point! Give them all a few minutes to say their words, before moving on. Remember that the bride and groom should speak, before the cake is cut too!

When to Dance

Ah, you cannot forget about the wonderful first dance. Make sure that you take the time to plan the entire reception. With this in mind, you’ll need to make sure that you choose when you want to dance. Remember that many brides will want to dance with their fathers! Be sure to give them the opportunity to do this.

The Photography

The wedding reception is just as memorable and special as the wedding ceremony! With this in mind, you will want to make sure that these moments live on in eternity. In order to do this, you will want to hire a photographer. Make sure that this individual is prepared to take the shots of his or her life! You can also allow the guests to take their own photographs. Truthfully, the possibilities are plentiful and you should remember that more pictures are always better!

The Dreaded Seating Chart

Of course, there is one dreadful aspect of the reception that must always be planned. This is the seating chart! It can be entirely frustrating, since you’ll feel pressure to sit everyone exactly where he or she wants to sit. Of course, this isn’t easy. Many couples will struggle over this, but you shouldn’t. Just do your best and everyone will be satisfied in the end.


The wedding reception is very important and you will want to make sure to plan it out perfectly. Work alongside your partner to ensure that everyone will be happy with the arrangements. Otherwise, have a good time, enjoy yourself and you cannot fail! Don’t fret about it too much and the minor details will not matter.

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