Wedding Budget: What To Include And Great Tips

When it comes to hosting a formal event and sticking to a wedding budget, it can prove to be one of the most difficult things that you have to do. There will be lots of costs to consider. However, there are also some ways to save money. This whole process is going to take you a lot of time, work, and research. This whole ordeal is probably going to be overwhelming at times, but just remember you need to keep your cool and stay relaxed.

Setting a Budget

Setting a budget might not be as easy, as one thinks. There are a lot of important steps that you are going to have to take, before you even set a budget. For instance, if you set a photography budget at one thousand dollars, but when you go to hire a photographer, you find that the cheapest one you can find is two thousand dollars, you are going to be in some serious trouble. You are going to have to take some steps, in finding out what everything is going to cost, before you even begin to set a budget.

Where to Spend the Most
Another thing you have to consider is what is most important to you. Do you want to have the most grand drinks and food or do you want to have a live band? There are tons of different activities and features that come together to make a wedding possible. You and your fiancée need to figure out what is most important to you and that is going to be where you need to spend the most money. Maybe it is highly important that the whole ordeal is captured on film. If this is something you want, then you want to invest the most money into a professional videographer.

Mom and Dad

Never forget that you always have the option of asking dear old mom and dad for help, in paying for the wedding. It is even possible that they have already offered to help, because many mothers and fathers of the bride feel obligated to help out financially.

Time of Year

You should keep in mind that the time of year, in which you host your wedding can greatly affect the cost of your event. For instance, if you are planning a destination wedding, during the tourist season, then everything in the whole area is going to be more expensive and there also might be less venues or restaurants available. One way to avoid all this confusion is to plan everything in advance.


Just because you can’t afford the grandest venue does not mean that you can’t have a beautiful wedding. It is possible that you can choose a beautiful backyard venue that would be just as suitable for your wedding. If you do not have a great backyard, then perhaps one of your friends or family does. If you can’t find a good backyard, then you can always choose a park. There have been many park weddings throughout the years that were just to die for.

Creating Your Own Centerpiece and Decorations

There is no better way to save on your wedding costs than by designing and creating your very own wedding centerpieces and decorations. You do not necessarily have to be a very creative person to do these things. There are lots of online videos that will show you just how to create beautiful centerpieces for your wedding. You can even shop in thrift or dollar stores for your decorations. You would be surprised at what you could do with a tablecloth that you purchased for a dollar and all you need is a little creativity.

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