Cheap Wedding Venues for Your Consideration

When attempting to plan your wedding, it is likely that your venue will be one of the most expensive items. Of course, it is possible to take full advantage of cheap wedding venues. While you might not know it initially, you might have a venue that can be used for free of charge. Before rushing out and paying hundreds of dollars for an expensive venue, you should look around and consider each of your cheaper alternatives. Below, you will find some ideas.

Speak With Your Friends and Relatives

First and foremost, you will want to take the time to speak with your friends and relatives! By doing this, you can solve two problems. First, you’ll be able to alert them of your upcoming wedding. On the other hand, you will be able to tell them about the overall expenses. If you’re lucky, you might have a friend or family member than has a venue for you! They might own a piece of land or might have access to a large house of building. Don’t be afraid to accept their kindness, as you would do the same for them!

Farmland and Barns

If you’re opting for a southern wedding and don’t mind hosting one outside, you will definitely want to take full advantage of any farmland or barns that you have access to. Barns are absolutely beautiful and they’ll work exceptionally well for these weddings. Even if you cannot access the interior, you will want to use the exterior for your wedding. This will definitely enhance the wedding and your wedding photos greatly!

Plots of Land

If you’re lucky, you will have a wealthy relative, who owns a nice large plot of land! Even if the land is completely bare, you can still capitalize on the opportunity and save money on your wedding venue. These are some of the best cheap wedding venues, because you’ll have plenty of options to play around with. Think about all of that space and what you could do with it, if you were given the time and money. Of course, you’ll have extra money to spend, since you didn’t have to pay anything for the venue.

Beach Weddings

Many couples are dying for a nice, lavish beach wedding. If this is something that tickles your fancy, you will definitely want to jump on the opportunity. This is another cheap wedding venue that can save you plenty of money! At the same time, beach weddings can be tons of fun! They’re very modern and will allow you to kick back and relax with your friends! Once the wedding has concluded, you will be able to jump right into the water and live it up, as a married couple!

Church Wedding

In some cases, a church wedding will be expensive. Other times, you will be able to access the venue for free! If you attend a church regularly, you might want to speak with the preacher. They might allow you to use the church for your wedding, without a fee!


At the end of the day, weddings can be expensive, but there are ways to cut costs. Don’t be afraid to check out cheap wedding venues! They can help and you will be able to use the money elsewhere.

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