A Fall Wedding Planning Guide


When attempting to plan your wedding, you’ll first need to work to choose a date! Is a fall wedding winter wedding suitable for your particular desires? When attempting to make this happen, you will need to contemplate the different complications that will be faced, when planning this type of wedding. Within this guide, you will be able to discover everything you need to know about hosting and planning one of these weddings.

Complications of Weather

There is absolutely no doubt that a fall wedding or winter wedding can be absolutely charming. However, it is vital to take weather into account. During the winter, your guests could potential face ice and snow, when they travel. This can make traveling difficult, if not impossible. With this in mind, you may actually be taking a risk, if you’re willing to plan a winter wedding. Still, there is no doubt that a fall wedding winter wedding is entirely worth it! Just plan ahead and be ready to face any challenges that may arise.

Outdoor or Indoor

The main point of having a fall wedding is to incorporate the season into your theme and color scheme. You will have to decide whether or not you want to have an outdoor or indoor wedding. Of course, you must remember that this time of year can have very unpredictable weather, so if you select outdoors, you will need a backup plan. Early fall will still bring some warm temperatures, but again you can never be for sure.

If you are going for an indoor wedding, you will have nothing to worry about, because everyone will be safe inside the venue, if it does happen to rain. If you select the outdoor option, you will need to rent a large tent, as part of the backup plan, because you do not want your guests to get drenched.

You should also consider requesting the catering company to setup a tent for the buffet style dinner. This will leave one less concern to worry about, because everyone will be able to enjoy their meal, in the comfort of the tent. There are many ways that you can pull this off, but if you set your mind to it, your wedding will go just as planned.

Fall Foliage

The fall foliage is definitely a beautiful site that everyone must see, but if you are planning a wedding during this season, you should consider traveling to the south. The south is where the magic happens and that is exactly why you should head to the southern states to have your wedding.

The fall colors are absolutely stunning and you will definitely want to envelop them into your wedding color pattern. Orange, brown, green, red, yellow, and burgundy colors should be added to your color palette. This wonderful array of hues and tints will surely make your event look like a fall wedding. Beiges and tans can also be incorporated into your wedding décor, so that everything is balanced throughout.

Fall Leaves Place Cards

Oh, the beautiful fall leaves. Mother Nature’s creation is a beautiful thing, especially the fall leaf. They are immersed in beauty, romance, and color, so you will definitely want to incorporate them into your place cards. This will be a very affordable DIY place card display, plus they will also speak volumes about the fall season.

You can actually purchase personalized fall leaves off the Internet. There are many online stores that will be more than happy to help you design and develop your fall leaves place cards. Just make sure that you provide them with a copy of your wedding seating chart, so they will be able to complete the task, without accidently omitting one of your guests.

You can punch a hole into the leaves and tie a transparent ribbon onto them, so you can hang them on a bulletin board. If you select to go this route, you can create the bulletin boards out of corkboard and the appropriate fall patterned fabric. Sit the board up in front of the reception hall, so that everyone will be able to grab their personalized leaf and make their way to their seat, without difficulty.

The Fireplace

During the winter and fall, the weather is going to be cooling down and getting a tad bit chilly. This shouldn’t prevent you from going outside, but you should remember that being indoors is entirely acceptable and can still be very romantic. In fact, you should consider serenading the bride in front of a fireplace! Gathering everyone around and holding the ceremony in front of a fireplace is very elegant and will make for some excellent pictures! If the wedding is held at night, lighting the fireplace can enhance everything a little bit further.

Nature Related Invitations

Remember that you’re going to need to invite your guests to the wedding in one way or another. It is entirely possible to do this through the Internet, but you shouldn’t hesitate to take advantage of this opportunity. For these specific types of weddings, it is a good idea to incorporate nature into your invitations. Creating some adorable invitations and placing trees on the envelopes is a good way to do this. If your wedding is very close to the holidays, you should consider using red and green colors. If you’re willing to spend a little extra, you can deliver wood and pinecone decorations that will get the job done in a beautiful fashion.

Hot Chocolate and S’mores

There are some specific types of foods and drinks that are typically associated with cold weather. Hot chocolate and s’mores bars definitely fall within this category. S’mores can be very fun and will allow your guests to interact with their food, before they get to enjoy it. Of course, you’ll need an open flame and some marshmallows, but these things shouldn’t be too difficult to get ahold of.

If you’re interested in keeping your guests warm with some hot chocolate, you can easily assembly a hot chocolate bar! Almost everyone loves hot chocolate, which provides the drinker with pure bliss, during the cold weather! Just make sure that you purchase some cup grippers, since the drink can be very hot and could potentially burn the hands of your guests.

Fall Wedding Favors

There are many fall wedding favor options that you will have to select from, but you should consider your budget first. You will be surprised with how fast the price total can add up, when you are trying to purchase 200-300 wedding favors. Of course, it will be necessary to incorporate fall into your favors, because it is the perfect time of the year, after all.

You can always select to go the DIY route, so that you can save some money on these items, but if you have limited time to spend on making these gifts, you will be forced to purchase store bought favors.

One way that you can save some money on your wedding favors is to create your own personalized gift cards. This will prevent you from needing to purchase a personalized wedding favor, which would actually increase the total price. You will find a gift card template online, which you can take advantage of for absolutely free.

Homemade goods is another gift idea and if you have a baker in the family, they will most likely be more than happy to bake pumpkin cookies, chocolate brownies, or cupcakes for your special occasion.

Many farmers will be selling jars of homemade honey this time of year. You can hit up the flea or country markets to pick up several jars of honey. You can purchase a dozen of small mason jars from your local department store for a very affordable price and fill them with the honey. This will definitely make a wonderful fall wedding favor that will delight the taste buds of your guests.

Winter Wedding Favors

Winter is the most festive time of the year and it is the perfect season for a romantic wedding. If you have yet to decide on a winter wedding favor, you will be happy to know that your options will be limitless. If you want to impress your guests, you will definitely want to incorporate the snowman into your gifts.

The snowman is a jolly ole’ soul and he will bring lots of cheer to your event. Everyone, even the small children will definitely be delighted with a snowman wedding favor. A tasty treat that will please the salivary glands is a snowman cookie. You can create these out of sugar cookies, marshmallows, and chocolate, but do not forget the icing, because he is going to need some arms, eyes, and a nose.

Once the cookies are done, you can wrap them in veil fabric and seal them with a ¼” red metallic ribbon. Place them in a large basket, so your guests can easily help themselves to your delectable delights.


There is no doubt that fall wedding winter wedding is a wonderful idea. Many couples will absolutely love the cold weather, which will encourage them to hug together closely. With this in mind, you should make sure to use the information above and your own creativity to design and plan the most lavish wedding, during this time of the year.

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